ShopForArt Staff Picks – Keith E.

ShopForArt,, Art, Decor, Custom, Framing“Water. Something about it. Listening to it. Looking at it. Just the way that it makes you feel. These two photographers have really found a way to bring the soothing feeling of these scenes through to the viewer. First from the Tranquil Waters collection are these pieces from Colin and Linda McKie. These photographers from the United Kingdom have a very interesting collection of images in their portfolio. These particular images really bring the tranquility to the viewer.

ShopForArt,, Art, Decor, Custom, Framing          ShopForArt,, Art, Decor, Custom, Framing

Perhaps less exotic than the previous images but still very serene are the images from Vance FoxShopForArt,, Art, Decor, Custom, Framing (Reno, NV). I’m envious of the scenes that he has in his portfolio. While finding the perfect shot really is a talent, I am a bit jealous of the beautiful environments that he has to “endure” to track down these beautiful shots. Any one of these images printed 60″ x 35″ on acrylic in would really transform the feeling in any room.”

ShopForArt,, Art, Decor, Custom, Framing   ShopForArt,, Art, Decor, Custom, Framing

-Keith E., Director of Stores

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