Restore Your Family Photos & Documents

Are your family photos, wedding photos, historic and family documents showing their age? Even if they are already framed, they may have been framed before UV-filtering glass and other protective framing treatments were commonly available. Do you have photographs or documents that have water or fire damage, or are damaged from being handled and loved too much? Digital photo restoration gives these items new life.

black & white photos

At The Great Frame Up, we’ll make a high-resolution scan of your photo so your irreplaceable memories never leave your care or leave our store. Then our digital restoration experts go to work. Some of the things we can do include:

  •                 Repairing creases, scratches, rips and tears
  •                 Restoring faded color photographs
  •                 Removing people or distracting objects
  •                 Adding color to black & white photos
  •                 Restoring a photo stuck to the glass

Once your photo is digitally restored, it is then printed the size you want on high-quality paper. It’s just as easy to print ten copies as one so consider printing and framing additional copies for other family members.

Our services aren’t just for photos. We can work our magic on important family documents such as marriage certificates or ketubahs, genealogical records, newspaper clippings, and old family letters.

old documents

Once the restoration work is done and your treasures are printed, we use the highest-quality framing methods and materials to keep your artwork in great shape for many years to come.

Glasses and Book

Come by or schedule a free consultation and our professional framers will be happy to discuss how we can help preserve your family memories!

Some services not available at all stores. Contact the store nearest you for availability.


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